Alumni Spotlight: Kendall Sheck 2021 Distinguished Alumni of the Year

MCS Alumni - Kendall Sheck

Kendall is a proud MCS alumni, class of 2013. Mrs. Sheck, who is a native Californian, graduated from Grand Canyon University with a B.S. in Elementary Education and her California teaching credential. Prior to becoming an educator, Mrs. Sheck worked as a worship pastor in Huntington Beach. She and her new husband, Joshua, are members of Rockharbor Church. She enjoys reading, all outdoor activities, playing music, and spending time with her husband. She describes her experience at MCS as the following: “This place is different – one of those spaces you walk in, and instantly know the Holy Spirit is at work. It has always been like that, and while I was a student here, I really did fall in love with God. He worked in my life significantly as a little girl – through my teachers, through administration, through the curriculum. It was here that I was given the space and support to become a young worship leader too (something that has changed the trajectory of my life). As of recently, I also happen to be a very proud MCS teacher, and I will say this: God is moving here in significant ways. New ways. And goodness, what a joy and honor it is to be apart of it.”