Staff Directory

Heather Harrison, M.Ed.

Interim Head of School, Middle School Principal

Appointed 2013

Keven Kroeller

Chief Operating Officer

South Dakota State University, B.S. with Teacher Licensure Appointed 2017

Katie Niles

Middle School Dean

Biola University, B.A. Appointed 2017

Brandy Sick

Interim Elementary Principal

University of Southern California Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction and Administrative Credential Appointed 2018

Angela Drevlow

Elementary Dean

Concordia University Irvine, B.A. Pepperdine University, M.A.Ed Appointed 2016

Christine Aghaian

Middle School Spanish Teacher

Appointed 2017

Sady Amend

4th Grade Teacher

University of Wyoming, B.A. Appointed 2015

Judith Bagby

Kindergarten Aide

AA Degree, Cypress College

Lisa Bahadoor

Associate Development Manager

Vanguard University, B.A. Appointed 2001 and 2018

Tim Bahadoor

Middle School Bible Teacher

Vanguard University, B.A. National University, M.A. Biola University, M.A. Appointed 1997

Samantha Brooks

PE Teacher/Assistant Athletic Director

Biola University, B.S. Azusa Pacific, Masters in Physical Education Appointed, 2015

Jan Bryant

Middle School English Teacher

University of California Santa Barbara, B.A. Appointed 2004

Talene Campbell

3rd Grade Teacher

Vanguard University, B.A. Appointed 2014

Chris Carpenter

8th Grade Science Teacher

University of Montana, B.A. Walden University, M.Ed. Appointed 2017

Sue Celek

Community Connector

Wheaton College, B.A. Elementary Education Appointed 1994

Kristen Chandler

Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

San Diego State University, B.A. Appointed 2014

Eric Choi

Director of Network and Information Systems

Haylee Cockrum

Middle School Aide

Lisa Collier

7th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Vanguard University, B.A. Vanguard University, M.A.Ed. Appointed 2007

Susan Conners

First Grade Aide

Rick Contreras

Facilities Manager

Ashlee Cowell

Admissions Director

Biola University, B.A. in Psychology Appointed 2012

Jennifer Crowell

Outdoor Director

Sonia Diaz

ASP Aide

Chelsea Dogterom

Elementary Technology Instructor

Vanguard University, B.A. California Baptist University, M.A. Computer Applications Appointed 2017

Peter Dogterom

ASP and Outdoor Aide, Front Desk Receptionist

Polly Ernst


Matt Fan

Middle School Math Specialist

University of California Irvine, B.A. Sociology (Minor in Education) Azusa Pacific University, Master of Arts Appointed 2019

Sydney Fincher

Development Associate

Mindy Gatchell

Kindergarten Teacher

Oklahoma Baptist University, B.S. Southwestern Seminary, M.Div. Cal State University Fullerton, M.Ed. Appointed 1995, 2002

Brandy Gibbs

Kindergarten Teacher

Concordia University Irvine, B.A. Brandman University, M.A.Ed. Appointed 2017

Dominic Gonzales

Outdoor Aide

Appointed 2019

Sandra Gonzales

Elementary Spanish Teacher

Appointed 2019

Amy Green

6th Grade History Teacher

Cal State University Dominguez Hills, B.A. Cal State University Dominguez Hills, M.A. Appointed 2015

Heather Hall

Classroom Aide

California State University Long Beach, BA Pepperdine University, MA in Education

Karly Hammans

Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

Point Loma Nazarene University, B.A. Appointed 2014

John Hellriegel

Middle School and 5th Grade Bible Teacher

California State University Chico, B.A. National University, M.S. Masters Degree in Apologetics, Biola Appointed 1995

Julie Hellriegel

Director of Development

University of California Irvine, B.A. Theatre Arts Appointed 1998

Abigail Jones

5th Grade Teacher

Boston College, B.A. in Elementary Education and Human Development Appointed 2019

Brian Jones

8th Grade History Teacher

Biola University, B.A. National University, M. A. Appointed 2002

Sarah Kim

Classroom Aide

Jennifer Kish

4th Grade Teacher

California Baptist University, B.A. Biola University, M.A.Ed. Appointed 2012

Kristin Knecht

5th Grade Teacher

Chapman University, B.A. Appointed 2012

Morgan Knight

7th Grade Science Teacher

Azusa Pacific University, B.A. Azusa Pacific University, M.A. Appointed 2014

Jamie Kruse

Mariners Institute of the Arts Director

Biola University, B.A. in Liberal Studies (Minor in Art and Theology) Appointed 2019

Rhonda Leguina

1 Nease Aide

Bing Liu

6th Grade Science Teacher

University of California Berkeley, B.A. Appointed 2004

Hannah Loula

1st Grade Teacher

Hope College Michigan, B.A. Appointed 2015

Christian Lucas

Elementary General Music Teacher

Vanguard University, Bachelor of Music Education Degree Orff Music Certification with San Diego AOSA Appointed in 2019

Christopher Lucas

Band Director/Teacher

Vanguard University, Bachelor in Music Education Appointed 2016

Sara Lunsford

Musical Theatre Director

Milikin University, Illinois: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre Appointed in 2016

Lynda Lynch

Kindergarten Teacher

Cal State University Fullerton, B.A. Brandman University, M.A.Ed. Appointed 2007

Nancy MacLeod

Art Aide

Appointed 2019

Amanda Majkrzak

5th Grade Teacher

Upper Iowa University, B.A. in Elementary Education Appointed 2019

Dr. Kristine McCarty

Elementary Student Success Specialist

Biola University, B.A. Chapman University, Master's of Special Education Azusa Pacific University, Doctorate in Educational Leadership Appointed 2017

Courtney McDonald

Health Services Coordinator

The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC: Bachelor of Science in Nursing Appointed in 2019

Dianne McVay

Sr. Administrative Assistant

Karri Meyer

2nd Grade Teacher

Cal State University San Bernardino, B.A. National University, M.A. Appointed 1996

Parker Munson

Communications and Digital Marketing Specialist

Biola University, B.A. in English Appointed 2019

Angie Nakamoto

ASP Director

Biola University, B.A. Appointed 2014

Tessa Nease

1st Grade Teacher

Chapman University, B.A. Integrated Educational Studies and Multiple Subjects Credential Chapman University, Master of Arts in Teaching Appointed 2019

Trang Nguyen

Staff Accountant

Miranda Parks

3rd Grade Teacher

California Baptist University Riverside, M.A. Appointed 2018

Briana Petrarca

2nd Grade Teacher

Vanguard University of Southern California, B.A. Vanguard University of Southern California, M.A. Appointed 2018

Allison Petrovich

2nd Grade Teacher

Vanguard University of Southern California, B.A. in Interpersonal Communication Appointed 2019

Sharee Pfaff

Ed Tech / Maker Education

University of California San Diego, B.A. Cal State Fullerton University, M.S.Ed. Appointed 2009

Cindy Phan

Middle School Math Teacher

Vanguard University, B.A. in Liberal Studies Vanguard University, Master's Degree in Education Appointed 2019

Andrew Rahm

Middle School Digital Learning Coach

Biola University, B.S. Azusa Pacific University, Masters in Educational Technology Appointed 2013

Terri Rodriguez

Ed Tech / Maker Education

University of California Irvine, B.S. University of Southern California, M.A.

Angela Rogers

K- 8th Art Teacher

Cal State Fullerton, Bachelor's Degree Azusa Pacific University, Master of Arts in Education Appointed 2019

Gisela Roufs

Associate Admissions Director

California State University Chico, B.A. Appointed 2018

Rachael Ruga

Front Desk Receptionist

California Baptist University Riverside, B.A. Appointed 2018

Elizabeth Sanchez

3rd Grade Teacher

National University, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies National University, Master of Education Appointed in 2019

Debbie Santy

TK Aide / Morning Daycare

Paulette Seaman

Student Life Director

Vanguard University, B.A. Appointed 2010

Leilen Shelton

7th Grade History Teacher

University of California Santa Barbara, B.A. Appointed 2009

Garrett Shipley

Outdoor Aide

Arizona State University, B. A. in Psychology Arizona State University, B.S. in Criminology/Criminal Justice Biola University, Masters in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care

Sammy Soyring

4th Grade Teacher

Azusa Pacific University, B.A. Azusa Pacific University, M.A. Appointed 2017

Chris Spurgin

8th Grade Math Teacher

Biola University BA Concordia University MA Appointed 2010

Jené Streeter

6th Grade Math Teacher

Taylor University, B.A. Chapman University, M.A. Appointed 2007

Mac Thompson

PE Teacher / Athletic Director

Cal State Poly University Pomona, B.S. Concordia University, M.A. Appointed 2008

Tami Thurston

8th Grade English Teacher

Westmont College, B.A. University of Phoenix, M.A. Appointed 1999

Dr. Jiyoung Um

Orchestra Director / Teacher

The Juilliard School, Bachelor of Music Degree The Juilliard School, Master of Music Degree in Violin Performance Teachers College Columbia University, Doctorate in Music Education Appointed 2017

Christina Vanian

Elementary Instructional and Math Support

Westmont College, BA Business and Economics Concordia University, Elementary Credential Appointed 1996

Vanessa Gentry Velez

1st Grade Aide

Cerritos College, A.A. Degree Appointed 2018

Chelsea Villani

Elementary Student Success Specialist

Robin Walker

Middle School Administrative Assistant

Crystal Willis

Middle School Student Support Specialist

Cal State Long Beach, B.A. Concordia University, M.A. Appointed 2014

Kimberly Wilson

Elementary Instructional Facilitator

Biola University, B.A. Biola University, M.Ed. Appointed 2004 and 2017

Shannon Wooten

Parent Connector (Bible Studies & Events)

Kelly Wu

1st Grade Teacher

University of California Riverside, B.A. Appointed 2018