Kim B, Alumni Parent
An amazing school with incredible staff, teachers and parents! Blessed to have been there for 6 years and be part of the MCS Class of 2015!
Trish K, Current Parent
My children and our family have never received so much love and support. Mariners has been a true blessing to us!
Michelle M, Current Parent
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SCHOOL. Our children came over in 6th grade, but I wish every time I have any interaction with any of the staff or parents which is all the time, I WISH my children had attended here since kindergarten. I think the biggest difference is that it is truly full of God’s Grace. The academics are above par. The teachers are the finest and most compassionate teachers you’ll ever find. If ever you are not understanding or need a little extra help, the teachers will bend over backwards to make sure you understand the material you had struggled with before. Your children come first with these teachers.In my opinion, your children will be blessed beyond your expectations at MCS.
Dawn S, Current Parent
My family has been at Mariners Christian School since 2006. They deliver on providing a Christ-centered education because it’s not just in the curriculum with chapel, bible class, assemblies, and events. It’s in the character of the people who work at the school, all the way from the head of school to the volunteers who give of their time and their heart to pour into each child’s academic and spiritual growth. The teachers are outstanding because they want to be there and it shows. They’re creative, warm, loving, and hold the students accountable for their actions in the classroom and on the playground. They routinely go above and beyond to challenge their students academically, and to provide opportunities for both accelerated learning and extra help when kids are struggling. We are forever grateful for Mariners Christian School.
Anonymous Parent
Mariners Christian School has been wonderful for our two boys. We’ve been at the school for 10 years, since 2006 and our boys have participated in orchestra, sports, accelerated math, Spanish, speech meets, spelling bees, field trips to Sacramento, Washington D.C., science camps, etc. Everything about Mariners Christian School is Christ-centered, from the teachers, staff, administration, learning environment and sense of community. We are forever thankful for our time at this school and the educational and spiritual foundation it has provided our boys as they launch into public high school this fall.
Nicole Ianni, Current Parent
MCS is so far beyond an exceptional academic school that provides students with a solid education. It is a place where students grow in their faith and learn to defend it. It is a place where families grow up together, and where teachers invent in their students. It is a place where students feel loved and accepted, and where they are prepared for the challenges and experiences in the world. It is a place that students call home, and it will forever remain in their hearts after they graduate. As parents, we consider Mariners Christian School one of the best investments we have ever made.

MCS Alumni