A flexible learning environment is one in which the traditional “one size fits all” classroom is replaced with a dynamic physical space designed to move and change for multiple learning modalities and innovative instructional practices.

Flexible learning environments are fundamental to a teacher’s ability to adapt the classroom to meet various needs and achieve learning objectives. The mobile furnishings create learning-centered environments providing freedom and choice to both teachers and students.

The array of seating and learning space configurations better facilitate modern teaching methods and optimize student success. With a flexible learning environment, the teacher can quickly and with ease adapt a classroom to support all learning styles, activities, and instructional methods. Students become more engaged in their own learning as they actively participate in whole groups, small groups, and individualized instruction. With a flexible classroom, the possibilities are endless as the classroom is consistently redesigned to maximize learning.

Through this fundraising initiative, we will convert every learning space and classroom into the most transformational environment MCS has ever experienced! We know our teachers are innovative and creative educators. Now, let’s give them the classrooms to match their expertise! We know our students are innovative and creative learners. Now, let's give them the classrooms to further enhance their success! It’s not just about the space and furniture. It’s about how the space can be transformed to encourage the greatest adaptability and flexibility for teaching, learning, collaboration, and engagement.

Watch this "Fund A Need" video produced by our very own 8th grader, James Brewster, HERE!

Flexibility to enhance every instructional method and objective 
Adaptability to support all learning styles and personalities
Interactivity to increase collaboration and communication
Functionality to allow endless classroom configurations for teaching and learning
Intentionality to provide whole class, small group, even individualized instruction
Creativity to increase student engagement 
Activity to foster movement and active learning

Phase 1: Learning, Instructional, Teacher Workspaces

Outfit 44 rooms with flexible furnishings including student desks and chairs, one unique instructional space designed by the individual teacher, up to 3 collaborative spaces for small group work, and a teacher desk and chair. 

Phase 2: Flexible Learning Enhancements

This phase focuses on three priorities. First, enhancing each classroom with additional storage options and soft seating elements. Second, transforming the outdoor TK and K spaces into learning environments. Third, providing our amazing Specialist teachers the opportunity to design their classrooms for their areas of expertise. 

Phase 3: Final Design Elements

This phase will not only complete the aspirations of the Bright Future building campaign but will take it to the next level to ensure every space in and out of the classroom enhances learning. This includes ideation walls in each classroom which has endless uses from problem-solving, to collaboration, brainstorming, and more. Even the walls of the classroom become a part of active learning. It’s not just for inside the classroom but the hallways will enhance the learning environment as well through design painting and branding throughout the school.

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