MCS Relief Fund

In light the recent world events and the potential for significant financial impact, Mariners Christian School has established a Financial Relief Fund purposed to provide financial support and assistance for purposes outlined below.

To establish this fund, MCS administration seeks donor and/or foundation contributions to support this endeavor. The school believes it is essential to establish this fund to protect the financial stability of the institution, community, and employees.

We're All In This Together

Help us provide financial resources to those in our community who have been effected the most by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Here are the areas this Relief Fund will support

  1. Employee Financial Relief Fund: Upon an identified need, contributed funds would be distributed by MCS to an employee whose family has been financially impacted and is at risk of financial hardship. This can include, but is not limited to, loss of wages or employment to spouse, increased health care expenses, or loss of wages to employee.
  2. Staffing Relief Fund: The provided contributions would serve as an added layer of financial provision should, due to financial hardship, the institution itself be required to decrease pay, furlough or lay off employees, or change employment hourly status. It is the goal of MCS to avoid any change to employment or wages of all employees during this time.
  3. Tuition Assistance: Contributions to this fund can also be designated toward tuition relief or forgiveness should MCS families be financially impacted and unable to pay tuition during this time.
  4. Compensation for Additional Job Responsibilities and Duties: Considering the additional responsibility and the required extra effort on behalf of the MCS staff to transition to and conduct remote learning, MCS desires to honor and support all staff for the additional required work. This is not feasible within the operational budget of the school yet is important in honoring and valuing our employees. This is essential for a healthy staff culture and for the well-being of our staff.
  5. Other purposes or allocations as deemed necessary and appropriate by school personnel.

Contributions toward this Financial Relief fund can be designated to any of the above or provided at the discretion of school administration.

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The Board, administration, and Finance Committee have had significant conversations surrounding this topic. Through much discussion, serious consideration, and prayer it has been decided that MCS will not offer a tuition discount. This decision was based on several factors. First, one of our key goals is to provide and maintain an affordable Christian education. To do so, we strive to maintain a balanced budget that manages expenses and relies upon annual fundraising (Annual Fund appeal and Spring Gala) to achieve the operational budget. As a result, the school’s budget does not have the ability to absorb a school-wide discount. Second, given that we continue to pay our entire faculty and staff through this remote learning season, the operating costs and streamlined budget of the school remain unchanged. Third, we strongly believe that the budget’s limited financial margin should be earmarked for helping families experiencing severe financial need directly related to this unprecedented season of COVID-19. As modeled in Acts 2, it is our intention to support meeting specific needs rather than provide a broad discount. Fourth, we are confident that the remote learning program maintains our core value of Exemplary Academics. While we fully recognize the added responsibility and support parents have had to assume, faculty and staff are working tirelessly to continually improve and provide high quality online instruction, support and engage all students in learning, and provide enrichment opportunities all while prioritizing spiritual nourishment and relational connection. 

Because we are dedicated to supporting members of our community experiencing unexpected need due to COVID-19 related issues, available funds within the budget have been specifically designated for emergency, short-term financial assistance. This aid is specific to financial impact occurring within the timeframe of COVID-19 shutdowns. Though funds are limited, if you truly find yourself financially impacted by COVID-19 and therefore unable to continue tuition payments, we will do whatever we can to support through financial aid or tuition payment extensions. We care deeply about our families and want to make sure we do what we can to address any issue that is within our ability. Please do not just cease tuition payments, but reach out to learn more about our financial assistance program through the COVID-19 crisis. We are all in this together and there is help available for those who have true need.  For more information, please contact Keven Kroehler.

Yes! To augment this fund and better serve and meet the needs of the MCS community, we seek donors with the capacity and heart to live out Acts 2 and contribute to the MCS Relief Fund. We are thankful for a generous MCS family that has already contributed to this fund and seek additional families who feel led to contribute. Contributions to this fund can be made here. Please contact Heather Harrison or Carla Colaianni with further questions.

Upon returning from Easter break, our students’ schedules have changed incorporating more time with teachers to dive deeper into subjects. Teachers have developed a new scope and sequence that will guide instruction for the final weeks of the school year. Additionally, assessment practices have been adjusted to better monitor the progress of student learning. In elementary, science, social studies, and Bible are now incorporated into the weekly schedules as well as rotations in art, music, and Spanish. For middle school, students are now participating in weekly electives in addition to all core classes, Spanish, and Bible. And, all students now have PE each week. These additions provide a well rounded, full schedule experience for all students. For more information, please refer to the communication sent by our division principals last week.

While extension of Easter break may appear to be a full week, the net impact on instruction is three days. The break had always been planned to extend through Monday after Easter. The last day of school has been moved from Thursday, May 21 to Friday, May 22. Additionally, though this school calendar year felt more compressed, the earlier start in August ensured the total number of teaching days matched the 2018-19 school year. You will likely recall this was made possible by changing the holiday break schedules (Thanksgiving and Winter Break/Ski Week) and eliminating staff development days. In addition, instructional time has been prioritized by reducing the number of events that can tend to impact instruction. Finally, the last week of school is typically busy with end-of-year celebrations but the staff is planning alternative options that will allow the final week to be fully utilized for learning, moving celebrations outside of instructional time. More information regarding end of the year celebrations will be provided before the end of April.

Yes, and we have been approved through our lender. However, MCS can only draw these funds as necessary to supplement any shortfalls in revenue required to cover operating expenses including staff salaries. MCS will fully comply with all federal funding guidelines which states “funds will be used to retain workers and maintain payroll or make mortgage interest payments, lease payments, and utility payments.”  

This is definitely an option we are pursuing and our Construction Committee has been exploring all options. More information on our Phase II Bright Future construction will be provided soon! As a reminder, Bright Future funds are restricted designated to construction-related work only. Donors pledged their funds toward Bright Future and there are strict guidelines by which those funds can be spent. Bright Future funds cannot be spent on the operating budget. As communicated in the fall, 5% of the annual budget is provided through undesignated giving provided by the Annual Fund and Spring Gala. These proceeds are generally used for operating needs and are separate from designated fundraising such as Bright Future or Fund a Need (Gala).

We're All In This Together

Help us provide financial resources to those in our community who have been effected the most by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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