Alumni News! Spencer Lawrence

MCS Alumni gather to celebrate the wedding of Spencer and Sarah Lawrence in Idaho!

Spencer Lawrence, class of 2013, married Sarah Spence in August 2021 at a gorgeous and idyllic Idaho setting. They were showered with love, prayers and affirmations by fellow MCS alumni and current students as pictured here (L-R): Trevor Lawrence (2007), Sophie Shambrook (2010), Grace Monroe (2021), Parker Monroe (2011), Caden Proctor (2011), Grayson (2023), Banks (2025), Lillie Boyer (2015), Davis Verheyen (2011), Sarah Lawrence, Spencer Lawrence (2013), Landon Monroe (2013), and Scott Schweitzer (2013). 

The wedding was a beautiful celebration that included a night of worship, family and friends from all over the country, and even a hail storm (yes, in August!)