Difference Makers

Developing Difference Makers with True Hearts of Service

Mariners Christian School is dedicated to nurturing community connection and providing students with the opportunity to grow as disciples through service. In 2017, the Difference Maker Grant Program was launched to provide meaningful opportunities for students and families to engage in a growing awareness of community needs. Through this program, students receive mentorship and access to funding to develop a project purposed to meet a global or local need in a manner that reflects the love and heart of Jesus.

Students are encouraged to be the hands and feet of Jesus as they serve Him and others. Each year, students are invited to apply for a Difference Maker Grant to identify a need and create a proposal for how they will partner with fellow classmates and local organizations to lead an impactful Difference Maker Project to meet that need.

Students utilize design thinking framework throughout the grant-writing process and the recipients are offered seed funding, mentorship, and the opportunity to lead a community-wide invitation for MCS families to partner either through serving with them or by contributing to a collection drive.

Difference Maker


Difference Maker Values

• Shine the light of Christ to the surrounding community

• Create opportunities for students to develop true hearts of service

• Stepping into action (not solely fundraising or donating)
• Heart motivation is sincere and for God’s glory, not personal glory
• Demonstrate Jesus’s heart for those in need; being the hands and feet of Jesus to a broken world
• Implement design thinking and leadership through the program

• Cultivate local partnerships and bless the good work of existing organizations in meaningful ways

Difference Maker



Funding for the program comes from Mariners Christian School and outside organizations who desire to partner with us in empowering students to lead Difference Maker Projects.  Students also organize bake sales and school-wide donation drives (Fall Food Drive, Christmas Toy Drive, School Supply Drive, Book Drive, etc.) to further support projects. Led by Difference Maker participants, all students are invited to participate and support whether through donation or by writing letters or making cards that can be given to communities in need of encouragement.  If you are interested in sponsoring a Difference Maker Project or contributing to the program with donations, please reach out to Angela Drevlow or Jordan Brown

Difference Maker

Annual Chapel Services

We believe that our students benefit from hearing the testimonies and stories from people who have lived out this Difference Maker philosophy and vision in their careers.  Every year, speakers are invited to share their experience as real life Difference Makers for the Kingdom in chapels.  Past speakers include Jake Harriman (Founder of Nuru International), Jessie Simonson (Co-Founder of 31 Bits), Jennifer Friend (CEO of Project Hope Alliance), Kim & Harry Bagramian (Co-Founders of Project Giving Light), and Randy Barth (Founder of Shalimar Learning Center and Think Together).