Bright Future Phase II FAQ's

For questions regarding pledges and donations, please reach out to our Director of Development/Alumni Relations, Julie Hellriegel, directly. For construction-related questions, please contact our COO, Keven Kroehler , directly. You can also email us

Some non-classroom work will begin in the spring of 2020. T his work will mainly consist of two stairwells, exterior steel and roof work. The bulk of the work for two atriums, classrooms, windows, and additional 10,000 sq. ft. will begin on May 22, the day after school is dismissed.

2020 Construction Schedule

Yes, and has been part of the plan since the Phase I completion. Of course, while we prefer to assume no additional debt, we’d also like to complete Phase II as soon as possible in order to fulfill the vision initially developed 10+ years ago. The key to any new debt we assume is our ability to service that debt (i.e. sufficiently cover interest/principal payments on the debt from the school’s operating P&L). Your donations to Bright Future help to minimize the amount of new debt we need to assume. Phase III of our long-term comprehensive capital campaign also includes fundraising for debt reduction.

Yes! If there’s any way to accelerate pledge payments, it would make a big impact to our immediate cash needs. Any accelerated pledges are tremendously helpful with reducing the need for additional debt and/or paying down assumed debt.

All pledges are greatly appreciated and will be fully-utilized for Phase II construction. Continued support and contributions are critical to meeting financial obligations and cash flow planning. Additionally, continued fulfillment of all pledges are necessary to paying down the bank loan the board has approved for phase II. Yes, additional new donations and pledges are needed! New donations will cover the remaining funding gap of $800k then expedite our ability to purchase new furniture and additional classroom storage. Thank you for remaining committed to MCS’s long-term vision!

As planned and communicated in April 2019, students and staff will return for Meet the Teacher Day on September 15, 2020 and the first day of school will be September 16th, 2020 . Calendars have been designed by the school team specifically to accommodate our summer 2020 construction. The only difference in our 2020-2021 school year calendar schedule is a slightly shortened Thanksgiving break. All other vacations like Christmas, Winter Break (Ski Week) and Easter resume to the normal MCS schedules.

We’re working on a few options and will communicate those plans as they progress. More specific information will be provided at the beginning of March 2020. Please keep in mind that the options will most likely be hosted elsewhere as the construction site will be very active.

Value engineering means finding more affordable ways to build something. For example, finding less expensive materials, a more cost-effective method for building, or redesigning a component to be more affordable to build. And yes, our contractor, architect and Construction Committee have been finding ways to reduce costs across all aspects of this project. By leveraging industry relationships, revisiting material selections, and construction methods, the team has successfully reduced costs in many areas.

This is a great question and one that the board and school team are firm in having a contingency plan in place. Our General Contractor has predominantly built schools for the past 55+ years. They understand the urgency for us to get back into the building for Meet the Teacher Day on September 15, 2020. Project progress will be tracked/reported very closely this summer. Although the project plan and budget include up to 6 temporary on-property classroom trailers, the general contractor, construction manager and our Construction Committee all feel very confident that we won’t need to utilize that contingency.

As many families know, we have several security measures already in place with a single building entry point at the front office, vehicle-deterrent bollards and walls to protect classrooms and front entry, security cameras, and regularly-practiced fire, earthquake and lock-down drills, and a newly implemented emergency communication system. The administration has developed and rolled out this comprehensive safety plan based on the most recent research and school safety guidelines. The visitor management system quickly scans the Megan’s Law and other law enforcement databases. We’ll be updating families with the full roll-out schedule and processes for the visitor management system.

Given that we have limited funds, we’ve prioritized programs and academics, the additional 10,000 sq. ft. to support those programs, and increased natural light. The expanded space upstairs enables the academic programming, and the new windows and 2-story ground-to roof atria provide natural light. Thus, the construction-related work is the priority to reach academic programming goals. We continue to fully utilize and monitor the furniture used in our 5 pilot classrooms while continuing to work alongside an educational furniture consultant to find alternatives that will be more durable over time. Additionally, we’re committed to pedagogy (teaching methods), learning, and student engagement driving furniture selection. With this in mind, we’re engaging in further discussion and research to determine additional options and manufacturers that will meet identified instructional goals and support a flexible learning environment. The school team is diligently working to ensure these goals are met and that the quality and durability is guaranteed. Until then, and until we’re able to raise the capital needed for new furniture, no purchases will be made.

Just as we did in Phase I, each construction crew member will be carefully vetted via fingerprinting and background checks and also properly credentialed. Once we’re back on campus on Sept. 15, 2020, each construction team member will wear an identification name badge and will primarily be working in the blocked off upstairs 10,000 sq. ft. Crews will have their own entrance and will not be interfacing with students and/or staff whatsoever. If you see anything unusual, please alert the school team or security team.

The long-term comprehensive Bright Future Capital Campaign launched in 2017. Once we start the roll-out of the wonderful academic programs supported by the completion of Phase II construction, we’re deeply committed to the following in Phase III: i) raising the capital needed for new classroom furniture, ii) establishing Endowment funds for advanced degree/certification programs for MCS teachers and for an enhanced financial aid program, and iii) eliminating the school’s long-term debt.